Sensors for Force Measurement

Standard FlexiForce® sensors are ultra-thin and flexible printed circuits, which can be easily integrated into force measurement applications.

FlexiForce® sensors are utilized in many applications to:
Detect and measure a relative change in force or applied load
Detect and measure the rate of change in force
Identify force thresholds and trigger appropriate action
Detect contact and/or touch

FlexiForce Sensor Definition

FlexiForce: (Noun) Pronunciation: flex e fôrs

1. a: a versatile, durable piezoresistive force sensor that can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes; b: a piezoresistive sensing device in which resistance is inversely proportional to applied force;

2. a customizable, economical force measurement tool that is easily integrated into OEM products;

3. a: a patented, ultra-thin (0.008 in.), flexible printed circuit that senses contact force; b: a force and load sensor that is available in three different force ranges, suiting a variety of applications for research and product development/testing

Benefits of FlexiForce Sensors

Greater flexibility
Superior linearity & accuracy (±3%)
Expert technical guidance
Wide range of forces
Sensor output is not a function of loading area
High temperature force measurements (up to 400ºF) available with High-Temp Model (HT201)
Optional sensing area sizes
Off-the-shelf availability for testing & prototyping

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