Advantages of the Inverter Technology

The inverter technology is integrated in the outdoor unit. The inverter technology can be compared to the technology in a car: " The harder you push your accelerator, the faster you go."

An inverter unit will gradually increase its capacity based on the capacity needed in the room to cool down or heat up the room. The non-inverter can be compared with switching on or off a lamp. Switching on this type of unit will start to run on full load.

If the inverter is being used while the vehicle is running as in the case of a road trip, there should be no problem with the extra draw providing the battery is in good condition.

Inverter produce one of three different types of wave output:
  • Square Wave
  • Modified Square Wave (Modified Sine Wave)
  • Pure Sine Wave (True Sine Wave)

The three different wave signals represent three different qualities of power output and consequently, three different price categories. Square wave inverter result in uneven power delivery that is not efficient for running most devices. Square wave inverters were the first types of inverter made and are obsolete.

Modified square wave (modified sine wave) inverter deliver power that is consistent and efficient enough to run most devices fine. This type of inverter is probably the most popular.

Pure sine wave inverter are the most expensive, but they also deliver the most consistent wave output. Some sensitive equipment requires a sine wave, like certain medical equipment and variable speed or rechargeable tools. If you aren’t sure if the device you want to use requires a pure sine wave or not, call the manufacturer to ask. Or if you don’t mind the price difference any device will run on a pure sine wave, whether it requires it or not. The only drawback would be in spending more than you need to for your power inverter.

Always use a power inverter that is rated high enough for the device(s) you are running and avoid adapters that would allow more outlets than the unit is designed to accommodate.

Working with car batteries can be dangerous and can result in serious injury, and improper use of a power inverter can lead to electrocution, so for your own safety be sure to read and follow any and all safety precautions that are listed in your owner’s manual, which will come with your power inverter.

Advantages of the Inverter Technology:
  • You reach much faster the comfort temperature you want
  • The start-up time is reduced by 1/3
  • You save a lot of energy and also money : 30% less power consumption
  • Avoids cycling of the compressor meaning that there are no voltage peaks
  • The energy consumption cost is reduced by 1/3 (compared to normal on/off units)
  • No temperature fluctuations
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