Main Features PXR Micro-Controllers 24x48 (PXR3), 48x48 (PXR4), 48x96 (PXR5) and 96x96 mm (PXR9)

Simple to use and cost saving, the Micro-Controller PXR is available in 4 sizes: 24x48 (PXR3), 48x48 (PXR4), 48x96 (PXR5) and 96x96 mm (PXR9).

The input signal may be of Thermocouple, resistance bulb, voltage or current type.

The command signal may be of relay, transistor or 4-20 mA type. 3 control modes are available: On/Off, PID auto-tuning/self-tuning with fuzzy logic, and heating/cooling (2 control outputs).

Main features
Large LED display,
NEMA-4X / IP66 protection of front display,
Fuzzy logic PID control,
Auto-tuning and self-tuning functions,
24Vdc or 85 to 264 Vac - 50/60 Hz power supply,
Many functions in option (digital input, alarm relay outputs, alarm heater burnout alarm, 4-20mA re-transmission output, 8 steps ramp/soak function, heating and cooling control, RS485-ModbusTM communication),
ISO9001, CE, UL et C-UL approvals.

In addition to existing temperature controllers, PYX and PYH series, and to the multiloop process controller CC-M, Fuji Electric launches a new generation of temperature controllers on the international market.
Costs saver and easy to use, the PXR range of temperature controllers are available with 4 sizes: 24 x 48 (PXR3), 48x48 (PXR4), 48x96 (PXR5) and 96x96 mm (PXR9). They feature either a low level entry input, Thermocouple J, K, R, B, S, T, E, N, PL2 or RTD) or high level entry input, (tension 1-5Vcc or current 4-20mA). Output signal is either relay contact SPDT, SSR or SSC drive, or current 4-20 mA.

In addition to standard control function ON/OFF, HEATING-COOLING (dual output) a fuzzy control function is installed. The main advantages given by this fuzzy control function is a drastic improvement of the controller response time by preventing overshoot, and elimination of transitory status due to external disturbances. Upon set point – measurement offset detection, the fuzzy control function improves the standard controller response time, and consequently eliminates the signal overshoot.
No doubt that this is a very important advantage that Fuji Electric controllers have in the field of application for very precise temperature control where overshoots affect the quality of the finished products.

Temperature controllers also feature auto tuning and self tuning functions for controller automatic parameters adjustment.

Temperature controllers can be power supplied with 24VDC or 85 to 264 VAC (50/60 Hz). They are manufactured as per ISO 9001 Fuji Electric quality standards, and are certified EC, UL, and C-UL. Front face protection is IP 66 with 4 digits set point and measurement displays, and 3 push buttons for operator control and controller set up. Optional extra features are available like : an additional heating-cooling output, a 16 segments set point ramp-soak function, a freely configurable one, two or three set points for absolute, deviation, or zone alarm, a RS 485 MODBUS ® digital communication, one or two freely configurable digital inputs ( set point presetting, alarm acknowledgement, timer), a re-transmission 4-20mA output (set point, measurement, deviation, and eventually a remote set point input).

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