Jual: S8JC-Z/-ZS Switch Mode Power Supply

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Product:S8JC-Z/-ZS Switch Mode Power Supply
Description:S8JC-ZS Power Supply with CE Marking Introducing Omron's new economical S8JC-Z(S) Switch
Mode Power Supply suitable for all your general application needs. This
ultra-compact Switch Mode Power Supply is offered in power ratings of 15, 35, 50,
100, 150, 350 watt and output voltage of 5, 12, 48 (15 to 150W), and 24 VDC (15 to
350W). Outputs are protected against short circuits, overvoltage and overload
conditions thus suitable to be used in a wide range of applications. Both DIN
track-mounting and bottom-mounting models are available for easy installation. The
additional CE Marked range, S8JC-ZS with 24VDC output voltage model (15 to 150W),
fulfills your requirement of performance and reliability.
So if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your applications, you can count on
S8JC-Z(S) Switch Mode Power Supply!
Harga:Switch Mode Power Supply S8JC-Z/-ZS Rp
Nama:Augus S, A.Md
Phone:0821 2592 6275
Tags:jual,ukuran,harga,catalog,agen,distributor,suplier,spesifikasi,Switch Mode, Power Supply, S8JC-Z/-ZS, Rp,usd,yen,2012,2013,2014

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