Jual: G9SP Programmable Safety Controller

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Product:G9SP Programmable Safety Controller
Description:G9SP Programmable Safety Controller Ideal for Small and Mid-sized Machinery!
The new G9SP Programmable Safety Controller offers
three different I/O types to suit various applications. G9SP delivers clear
diagnostics and monitoring via Ethernet or Serial connection, and support direct
connection with non-contact switches and safety mats. In addition, with the G9SP's
unique and intuitive programming software, users can easily design, verify,
standardize and reuse safety control.

And because the Omron G9SP is a software-based controller, replacement is
effortless. What's more, G9SP Programmable Safety Controllers are ISO 13849-1 (PLe)
and IEC61508 (SIL3) certified. * So why wait? Find out more about this amazing
software-based controller now!
Harga:Programmable Safety Controller G9SP Rp
Nama:Augus S, A.Md
Phone:0821 2592 6275
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