Jual: CP1L-EM/-EL Programmable Controller

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Product:CP1L-EM/-EL Programmable Controller
Description:CP1L-EM/-EL Programmable Controller High Performing Programmable
Controller with Embedded Ethernet The new CP1L-EL/EM with built-in Ethernet ports
has joined the CP1 Series, designed to meet a wide variety of Ethernet
connectivity needs in a wide range of fields. Ethernet technology is increasingly
being utilized in the factory automation field to facilitate communications
between computers and PLCs (programmable controllers). This has resulted in a
growing need for Ethernet capability even in programmable controllers with 10 to
200 I/O points used in small-scale control applications. The demand for Ethernet
as an interface for programmable controllers is also rapidly increasing in other
fields such as in sewerage monitoring systems and building automation, in which
scattered programmable controllers in remote locations are monitored by computers
through wireless and Ethernet networks.

What's more, the added function block memory (10K steps) improves reusability of
user program assets and supports design standardization. All the CP1L-EL/EM-type CPU
units incorporate two analog inputs meaning that stand-alone CPU units can handle
various applications such as monitoring for fluid level detection. For applications
that require more than two analog inputs, up to six analog inputs and four analog
outputs can be controlled by mounting analog option units without the need for an
expansion unit. * Find out more about this amazing CP1L Series now! E5CC/E5EC
Digital Temperature ControllerA Complete Range of I/O Capacities, Functions, and
Performance! Introducing the new enhanced versions of Temperature Controllers -
the E5CC and E5EC models. Featuring the same level of usability and the same wiring
and basic operation methods of the previous model, the E5CC and E5EC are more
compact lengthwise and yet have enhanced visibility white LCD displays with larger
characters. Both units can connect to a computer via a USB communication converter
cable (sold separately) thus able to be operated from a desk without any additional

With enhanced control capabilities such as 50ms sampling periods and an increased
number of inputs and outputs, temperature control can now be performed with a single
controller instead of multiple controller units thus contributing to maintenance and
inventory management efficiency. * Check out this highly effective Temperature
Controller now! FJ Series Vision SystemAll-in-one Flexible PC-based Image Processing
System FJ vision system, featuring fast drag-and-drop programming, comes with a
choice of ready-made but easily customisable GUIs and a comprehensive library of
time-saving macros. This powerful yet intuitive development environment is
complemented by a wide choice of cameras, controllers and lighting selection.

The system provides more than 60 image processing and inspection tools, which can be
dragged-and-dropped to create the required inspection and measurement flow.
Ready-made macros, for calculation and other functions, can be dragged into the flow
in a similar way. For those infrequent occasions where the inspection tools needed
is not included, users can develop their own algorithms using Microsoft Visual
Studio and Omron's Application Producer. The system is also compatible with MVTec's
Halcon library of algorithms.

The FJ range offers a choice of more than 20 different digital cameras, including
high speed and intelligent compact models. A wide choice of lighting units is also
offered in the range, with certain models fully integrated whereby the strobe
duration and intensity are managed within the controller. In addition, integral
Ethernet/RS232/Parallel IO support means that FJ systems are easy to interface with
machines of all types.
Harga:Programmable Controller CP1L-EM/-EL Rp
Nama:Augus S, A.Md
Phone:0821 2592 6275
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