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Klockner LPG converter provides complete solution and 110% performance of petrol engine on Auto LPG Fuel.
Klockner gas technology is a amalgamation of a seven new principles and technologies, which we have discovered first time in the world and applied for successfully running of all types of 2 wheelers on LPG Fuel. It is not the all, bike fitted with Klockner gas kit system beats petrol run original Models in terms of power developed, cold starting, fuel efficiency, pick up, pollution, maintenance and engine life.

  • EMR Single kick starting technology

This system ensures first kick-start of engine without touching the Accelerator. In this starting technique Air& Fuel are pre mixed in explosive ratio & fed directly to intake manifold facilitating instant starting.

  • RVO Power Enhancer Technology

This supersaver Reed Valve Operated device specially developed to work in tandem with the gassifire does not allow any fuel wastage by the kit and enhances the power output of the engine, for example:- if an engine has a top speed of 100 Km./hour on petrol then on klockner gas system with this device, ensures that the engine will give a top speed of 105 Km/hour.

Emitting pollution levels also comes to near zero.

Power Enhancer Device

  • Low Pressure Klockner Gassifire

All klockner gas system works on low-pressure systems i.e., Gas cylinder by design, supplies gas fuel at a pressure as low as 0.5 PSI.

KLOCKNER Gassifire is a single stage suction based, twin diaphragm operated precision gas to gas control valve, specially designed to run air cooled single cylinder engines 50 cc to 375 cc 4 stroke as well 2 stroke

Klockner Gassfire

  • MVLPO Gas Container

Gas Containers, Capacities 2.5 kg, 2.2 kg & 2 kg Gas Meter

MVLPO Gas Container is a specially designed system for safe handling & storage of Liquid Gas. MVLPO Gas cylinder are available of capacities 2.5 Kg. (4 Ltr. LPG capacity), 2.2 Kg (3.52 Ltr. LPG capacity) having inbuilt functions like a) Fuel level meter which indicates gas in Kg scale b) Excess pressure release valve / safety valve c) Filler valve (To fill gas from Auto LPG Station/ dispensing units) d) Low pressure gas Output at 0.5 PSI (with double locking valve) installed with a low pressure rugged output regulator, with flow adjustment facility.


Klockner gas technology finds endless applications and is extremely useful for applications like: Outboard engines / Fishing Boats / Speed Boats etc. Petrol and kerosene run multipurpose engines used for miscellaneous applications.
Petrol and kerosene run water pump sets. Petrol and kerosene run Portable Generators unto 500 VA to 7 KVA


  • Oil And Dirt Separator

All klockner kits consist of a special filtration system, which enhances the performance of the total system. Protect system from all metallic impurities / rust particle in fuel., Increases the life of the gas cylinder and the total system.

It Prevents any fuel Line choking, Meter Jamming etc. This system also separates the wax

(Scent chemical: – ethyl me captor, C2H5SH) – out of gas hence increasing the life of gassfire components manifolds (no periodic cleaning) of vaporizer necessary as in case of all other vapourisers available for cars.

  • SSJ Ideal Speed control

It is impractical to have constant ideal running of a single cylinder 4 stroke engine with the help of Diaphragm Based Vaporizer, specially in cold conditions. To overcome this problem Solenoid based slow jet speed control technique has been developed.

  • Electronic PWR 2-T oil system

Electronic pulse width regulation oil system is a specially developed 2-T Oil Pump meant for smooth supply of 2-T Oil to 2 Stroke engine and it ensures supply of 2T-Oil in proportion to engine RPM. It enhances engine life & performance.

Power Based Electronic 2-T Oil Pump

ii) GTP Mechanical Oil Pump

This is a mechanical vacuum operated 2T-Oil Pump and is a alternate, direct replacement to electronic PWR 2T oil system. Safest gas system of the world.

h) All klockner LPG Converter kits function on “ lean burn system” and operates at extremely low pressure. Thereby maximizing fuel efficiency and overall system safety. Gassifire releases gas only when the piston of the vehicle generates a stroke, as soon as engines stops for any reason the gas supply to engine cuts of automatically.

Klockner LPG Converter kit consists of the following Sub-Assys: -

  • Dikki /Housing
  • Bracket Assy
  • Drainer Assy
  • Gassifie Assy
  • Solenoid
  • Control Circuit & Wiring
  • Container / Cylinder Assy
  • Regulator Assy
  • Pipe Assy. / Cylinder Belt
  • Nozzle / Ventury Assy
  • Gas Filling Attachment Assy
  • RVO Power Enhancer
  • Electronic PWR 2T-Oil System
  • GTP Mechanical Oil Pump

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